Marine Waste Management

Ship-generated Waste Management

Dynamic Environ Sdn. Bhd. has elaborated and implements a Ship-generated Waste Management Plan, in line with the Environmental Quality Act 1974 on port reception facilities for ship-generated waste and cargo residues, according to the International Convention Marpol 73/78 for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships.

Through the implementation of this Plan, Dynamic Environ Sdn. Bhd. aims at the reduction of discharges into the sea and especially the illegal discharges of ship-generated waste and cargo residues from ships calling at Malaysian ports, by improving the availability and use of port reception facilities, thereby enhancing the protection of the marine environment.

Dynamic Environ Sdn. Bhd. Ship-generated Waste Management Plan applies to all ships, calling at Malaysian port area, irrespective of the flag they fly. According to this Plan, Dynamic Environ Sdn. Bhd. provides port reception facilities, adequate to meet the needs of all kind of ships that normally call at Malaysian port area, without causing them undue delay.

Dynamic Environ Sdn. Bhd. , while designing its port reception facilities, takes into consideration the type of ships that normally call at its port area, their operating needs and estimates both the type and amount of waste and cargo residues they generate, in order to ensure the adequacy of the Malaysian port reception facilities.

Type of Wastes

Ship-generated Waste Management Plan, waste and cargo residues are categorized according to the International Convention Marpol 73/78, as following:
Annex I:
- Desloping / Desludging of Oil water, Fuel oil sludge, S’lop& Bilges
Annex II: Noxious liquid substances carried in bulk
- Prewash (Cargo residue or tank cleaning of chemical / Dangerous Good
Annex III: Harmful substances carried in packaged form
Annex IV: Sewage
Annex V: Garbage
Annex VI:  Ozone-depleting substances


Dynamic Environ Sdn. Bhd. also known as DESB is one of the pioneers in Malaysia for waste management, shipping and lay up services, and fuel supply services. Our routine complies with accordance...

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