Light Vehicle Defensive Driving Training


The obligations we have as drivers are important. We must operate our motor vehicles in a safe manner that respects the law and the rules of the road. We must ensure that we do not put others at risk.When you have the right skills and the right attitude, you are prepared to deal with the risks and dangers that drivers face. Safety on the road is everyone's business.

Course Objective

The LV-DDT is designed to provide the trainees with the necessary Defensive Driving, and Brake & Evasion skills and knowledge, to enable a Light Vehicle Driver to manage and maneuver his/her vehicle safely. The trainees will also be taught into the proper and comprehensive Vehicle Maintenance procedures and protocols. Trainees will be assessed on the understanding of his/her new knowledge, and his/her ability to apply the newly acquired skill on the roads.

Course Content

  • Inculcation of positive mindset and attitudes
  • Introduction to road accident and exposures statistical awareness & analysis
  • Introduction of road hazards and exposures – causes of crashes & collision
  • Understanding of Vehicle Mechanics
  • Introduction to Vehicle Pre-drive Checks (PDC)
  • Introduction to Defensive Driving Concept & Technique; and hazard perception
  • Brake and Evasion skill and knowledge (demo and practice).
  • Personalized (One-to-One) On-the-Road Coaching and Demonstration
  • Pre and Post Assessment – To confirm Learning Gains
  • Use of seat belts & mobile phones; drink & drive concerns and issues.

Course Details

Target Audience Heavy Vehicle (HV) Drivers
Course Duration 1 Day
Course Delivery English&Bahasa Malaysia.
Lecture, Case Study and Video Presentation


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