Motorcycle Defensive Riding Training


Accidents and deaths on the roads has become a national problem that haunts us every day. Many accidents occur not only during the festive season but also on other days. Accidents in particular not only bring losses to the victim's family, but the loss of human capital for the country.
Statistics road deaths last year showed a total of 3,693 motorcyclists and pillion riders died with the highest number of deaths occurred on Federal roads, totaling 1,316 cases.
To reduce this statistic, motorcyclist should be given specific training and be exposed to them of the safety while riding and more appreciative of life.

Course Objective

  • Improve the quality of staff and public riders by providing training and guidance as safety riders.
  • We also motivate riders to be more confident, alert and inculcate positive values in riding and good personal appearance.
  • To educate public riders or staff to be skillful, knowledgeable and positive thinking.
  • To identify and practice good habits in practicing safety riding techniques.
  • To share benefits of safety riding such as reduce chances of involving in accidents, maintenance cost reduction, reduced insurance premium, reduce stress and safely back home

Course Content

  1. Mindset Change
  2. Motorcycle Inspection
  3. Defensive Riding
  4. Traffic Regulation & Legislation
  5. Motorcycle Stability & Dynamic
  6. Fatigue Management

Course Details

Target Audience Motorcycle Riders
Course Duration 1 Day
Course Delivery English&Bahasa Malaysia.
Lecture, Case Study, Video Presentation and Practical


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