Emergency Management Training


  • To focus and implement appropriate response actions, prevent and to mitigate potential hazard growth from an emergency.
  • To concentrate on managing the immediate repercussion of the emergency and ensuring the response team is handling the incident in an adequate way.
  • To plan and implement an emergency management system to protect life & property in accordance with the legal requirements.

Course Objective

  • Demonstrate the basic ability to maintain a state of readiness and respond to an emergency in the workplace.
  • Demonstrate the ability to carry out the functions required in the emergency response plan during an emergency situation.
  • Recognize the importance of planning for and management of emergency response incidents.
  • Recognize the importance of effective teamwork and communications when dealing with any emergency incidents.

Course Content

  1. Legal Obligations Under Relevant Acts & Regulations.
  2. Employer & Employee Commitment And Obligations Under Occupational Safety & Health Act
  3. Making sense of Emergency Management.
  4. Identifying & Prioritizing Probable Emergencies and legislative requirements.
  5. Emergency Organization Policy, Objectives and Strategy.
  6. Emergency Prevention, Preparedness & Response Strategies
  7. Emergency Response Structure, Training and Mutual Aid
  8. Task, Duties & Responsibilities of Emergency Response Team
  9. Business Continuity & Recovery Plan during emergency.
  10. Group presentations on ERP & presentations based on simulated hazardous scenario.

Course Details

Target Audience Senior Management, Emergency Response & Crisis Management Team members, Safety & Health Officers, and Safety & Health Committee members, MDs & CEOs
Course Duration 1 Day
Course Delivery English & Bahasa Malaysia.
Lecture, Case Study and Video Presentation


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