Chemical Spillage Response Training


The increase in the use and storage of chemicals in the workplace brings with it the potential of leaks and spills. It is therefore important that chemicals used at workplace be treated with the greatest care to ensure workers are protected against their adverse effects. OSHA 1994 compels management to train its workforce in chemical safety. This is to ensure that chemical related emergencies are evaluated and workers are trained to respond quickly and efficiently.

Course Objective

Upon completion of the course participants will be able to:

  • Understand impacts of legislation in chemical management.
  • Be conversant with the functions of an ERT in a chemical emergency.
  • Select the correct PPE and equipment in response to a chemical emergency.
  • Practice basic containment and cleanup procedures.
  • Practice basic decontamination procedures.


Course Content

  • Prevailing Legislation (OSHA 1994 and CPL 1997 & USECCH 2000 Regulations & EQA 1974)
  • Chemicals Hazards and Effects
    • Health Effects (Portal of entry & Target organs)
    • Hierarchy of controls.
    • MSDS/CSDS.
    • Symbols.
  • Chemical Spillage Management:
    • Plant Chemical Spillage Response Plan.
    • Spillage Team Organization: Task & Responsibilities.
    • Deployment.
    • Report Writing.
    • PPE and Equipment: Familiarization/Practical.
  • Chemical Spillage Response Drill
  • Practical & Assessment (Chemical Spillage Response Practical: Deployment and Debrief)


Course Details

Target Audience Senior Management, Departmental Managers, Engineers, Executives, HSE Officers, and Members of the Occupational Safety & Health Committee
Course Duration 1 Day
Course Delivery English & Bahasa Malaysia.
Lecture, Case Study, Video Presentation and Group Assignments


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