Introduction to Industrial Effluent Treatment Operations & Engineering (IETS)


The success of the operation of an IETS is primarily in the hands of the operator. A knowledgeable and skilled operator or supervisor knows how to monitor the processes occurring in his IETS, understands what factors affect the IETS performance, knows what operational conditions are best for his IETS and how to maintain them, knows how to respond to upset conditions, understands the social obligations and legal implications for noncompliance.

Course Objective

Upon completion of the course participants will be able to:

  • Indicate the Legal Requirement that is relevant to the respective organization.
  • List the reference to Malaysian Act and Regulation with relevance to WWTP.
  • List the legal responsibilities and liabilities of an Organization and Responsible Individual with respect to WWTP systems.
  • Define and explain key contaminants in wastewater and their impacts.
  • Explain methods to sample wastewater for flow rates and analytical specimens.
  • Demonstrate ability to explain a WWTP Flow Diagram.
  • List and describe techniques in the common 3 stages in industrial WWTP.
  • Explain requirements to record and report performance monitoring of WWTP.

Course Content

  • Introduction To Act 127
  • Introduction SIE Regulation
  • Responsibilities Of Organization, Individual
  • Specific Requirements Under The Act / Regulations –Design, Commissioning, Operation
  • Legal Liabilities Of Competent Personnel, Consultants
  • Basic Properties Of Water
  • Common Wastewater Pollutants
  • Impact Of Wastewater Pollutants
  • Measurement Methods And Standards
  • Analyzing/Measuring Flow Rates
  • Mass Loading
  • Sampling Methods
  • Common Process Flow Diagram
  • Common Treatment Stages
  • Introduction To Mechanical Units
  • Sedimentation
  • Introduction To Chemical Treatment
  • Heavy Metal Removal
  • Introduction To Biological Wastewater Treatment Processes
  • Activated Sludge Process
  • Advanced WWTP Systems
  • Legal Compliance
  • Common Solids Treatment
  • Special Waste Management
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Reporting / Record Management

Course Details

Target Audience Senior Management, Departmental Managers, Engineers, Executives, HSE Officers, and Members of the Occupational Safety & Health Committee
Course Duration 2 Days
Course Delivery English & Bahasa Malaysia.
Lecture, Case Study, Video Presentation and Group Assignments


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